3 large windows

It’s Sunday evening and I am relaxing in Michele’s office chair after a busy week of exploration. The large, bald one lounges close by on the couch. We’ve been living in our new apartment in Winona, MN for one week now. 

The first thing I noticed about our new home is the size. We could easily fit 4 tiny houses in this singular apartment. At first, I felt overwhelmed and hid under the bed, but after only a few hours I felt the need to explore tugging at my heart. I’ve spent most of this week surveying the new space. 

Apartment in Winona, MN

So far, I have counted eight places to sit (seven more places than our previous home!). I tend to rely on the large, bald one to indicate which chairs are the best for sitting. I watch carefully as she lounges throughout the day and then I diligently jump into her seat each time she gets up. 

In the kitchen, there is plenty of counter space for me to explore while Michele sleeps at night. I even noticed where she stores my treats and am already devising a plan to break in. 

The window situation is unusual. There are only 3, all facing South, but they each reach from the floor to the ceiling, letting in plenty of light. I am only just now starting to explore the view from each. So far I have not seen any other cats lurking around outside. I have already officially laid claim to the surrounding land and will not tolerate intruders. 

While there is always more to explore, I am starting to settle into my routine and am already building an affinity for our new home. 

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