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Alaskan Adventures - winter sunrise in Alaska

Alaskan Adventures – How to become your own cruise director

After spending the summer of 2021 enjoying a wide range of Alaskan adventures, I’m convinced this is the next great travel destination of our time. Its abject beauty, distinct culture, easy access to outdoor adventures, and relatively small crowds make this a dream destination for any traveler seeking a new kind of experience. Whether you are a WFH nomad, slow traveling for fun, on a fast-travel vacation from your corporate job, or just looking to get lost somewhere new, Alaska is sure to give you what you need. 

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Best of the best: Winter activities in Alaska

Slow traveling cats get the honor of experiencing our favorite places outside of the typical tourist seasons. Last summer I watched as crowds of tourists flocked to Alaska to relish long days and beautiful nature. As the snow began to fall, however, they all retreated to the lower 48. Now all cats know that when crowds start to dissipate, the real fun begins! Wintertime is when Alaska really shines as a unique travel experience. Like all good cats, the locals have adapted to extreme conditions while maintaining a deep connection to nature. Are you adventurous enough to plan a trip during the winter season? Read on for the best winter activities in Alaska.

Where to see glaciers in Alaska: see what gigantic really means

You may not think that a regular old house cat like me would have any interest in glaciers in Alaska, but you would be wrong. Cats are very curious creatures and figuring out where to see glaciers in Alaska turned out to be one of my favorite Alaskan adventures. Once I started learning about the glaciers, I was hooked!

10 day Alaska Itinerary – the best of Alaska

Alaska is the perfect place for traveling cats that love adventure! As a cat, I particularly love the abundance of wildlife that Alaska has to offer as well as the varied outdoor experiences. Everyone knows that cats love to be outside and, for that, there is no greater place than the lovely state of Alaska. Having extensively explored this state, my human travel companion and I have learned a lot about the best places to visit. Together, we have crafted the perfect 10 day Alaska Itinerary, complete with variations for different seasons.

What to wear in Alaska in summer: everything you need to know

As a traveling cat, one thing that constantly piques my curiosity is the concept of clothing. Michele, my eternally optimistic travel companion, seems to be obsessed with purchasing new articles of clothing and then combining them in different ways depending on where we are traveling. This strange obsession becomes most pronounced when she is picking clothes for Alaska. 

Winter in Alaska – 10 surprising reasons to love it here

Whether you’re a first-time visitor or have been here a dozen times, winter in Alaska offers many exciting activities and events. The winter snow transforms the state into a winter wonderland that offers endless opportunities for fun and adventure.

The Ultimate Guide: What to wear in Alaska in winter – It’s not what you think

There is nothing quite like an exciting Alaskan winter vacation filled with exhilarating dog sledding trips, backcountry skiing, and chasing the elusive aurora borealis. Since an Alaskan vacation is a bucket list trip for many people, it is important to know what to wear in Alaska in winter to ensure you stay warm and dry during all of your amazing adventures.

Packing list for a cruise to Alaska – what you really need for the trip of lifetime

The Last Frontier. The Land of the Midnight Sun. Alaska’s own name is derivative of the Aleutian word, “Aleyska” which means “Great Land” — and certainly a name well deserved. Alaska is a place of immense beauty; huge and seemingly unending. And one of the best ways to truly appreciate the wonder of the state is by a cruise. Every day you’ll wake up to new landscapes and opportunities! But as you plan for those gorgeous landscapes and port outings, it is important to also plan for what you’re going to wear and pack any other items you may need.

Alaska in Summer – 37 reasons to come here now

Alaska is hands down, one of the most beautiful places in the world. Being relatively remote, this amazing destination remains under the radar from most of the mainstream travel industry. This is why it’s one of my favorite places to visit, especially during the summertime.

Alaska Road Trip Itinerary – the most useful guide to date

Road tripping through Alaska is one of the greatest experiences the US has to offer. Filled with nature, adventure, and endless sunlight, this is the perfect place for your summer getaway. There are so many things to do and see, you may be left wondering where to start. Don’t worry, the Official Alaska Road Trip Itinerary is here to save the day! 

Seattle to Anchorage Ferry – Everything you need to know

Did you finally book that ticket to take the Alaska Ferry? Are you teetering on the decision? Do you have to take the ferry for business purposes? It doesn’t really matter how you ended up researching the ferry, what matters is that it’s a unique experience, unlike any other mode of transportation.

What to do in Homer, Alaska – the Best of Alaska

Homer, Alaska is a beautiful destination, complete with interesting culture, stunning nature, and amazing food. Just a 4.5 hour drive from Anchorage, it can feel far away, however, I can assure you the destination is worth the effort. Also, the drive through the Kenai peninsula is not too shabby either! Wondering what to do in Homer, Alaska? Check out these highlights from the area, so you don’t miss a thing.

The best hot springs near Fairbanks – Introducing Chena

Chena Hot Springs, near Fairbanks, is a truly Alaskan experience. Chena is best known for its natural hot springs and hotel. However, there is so much to this destination it’s landed a spot in my top Alaskan experiences of all time.

Train rides in Alaska – Everything you need to know

Everyone knows that in Alaska, there is one, surefire way to maximize relaxation and adventure – a scenic train ride. And, when it comes to train rides in Alaska, the Alaska Railroad is the way to go. This service covers the south-central and interior regions of the state. Routes provide access to some of the greatest places to visit like Seward, Whittier, Anchorage, Talkeetna, Denali, and Fairbanks. As long as you can get to Anchorage, you’ll have several amazing options for your scenic train ride. 

The Best of the Seward Tours: Your ultimate guide to the Kenai Fjords

Everyone knows the best way to see Alaska is from the water, and the Kenai Fjords are no exception. Located just southwest of the lovely town of Seward, the best way to explore is via boat. The Kenai Fjords boat tours all leave from Seward, which is easily accessible by road, just 2.5 hours south of Anchorage. I chose the Kenai Fjords National Park Tour, operated by the Alaska Collection. This tour leaves twice a day – 8 am and 11 am and costs $150-180, depending on the season. 

Glacier Bay Review – 3 things you need to know

So you put in the effort to travel to one of Alaska’s most well-known havens of nature, Glacier Bay National Park. It wasn’t easy to get here, so you want to make sure to take in as much beauty as you can. Do not worry, I have conferred with Cal and we’ve created this handy travel guide for what will surely be a trip of a lifetime. 

Alaska Trip Itinerary – Anchorage To Whittier, your new favorite trip

You’re lucky enough to have found yourself in the great state of Alaska during the summertime. The air is fresh, the salmon are plentiful and the sun never sets. Whether you live here or are just visiting, to get the most out of summer in Alaska you must hit the road. This weekend, we visit the great town of Whittier

The ferry to Alaska from Bellingham – all you need to know about bringing your cat

Despite having the utmost confidence in my furry, travel buddy, Cal I still couldn’t help but worry about bringing him on a boat. Having booked our ferry ride almost 6 months in advance, I had a lot of time to worry. The good news is – you don’t have to! I have conferred with Cal and am pleased to share our top 8 tips and tricks for bringing your cat on the Alaska ferry.

How to get to Glacier Bay National Park – the ultimate guide

Glacier Bay National Park is known for its natural beauty, abundant wildlife, and remote location. It should be no surprise that it sits on the top of many bucket lists (including my own!). The bad news: Visiting this park takes some effort in planning. The good news: Your effort will be greatly rewarded. This is a bucket-list destination for a reason.

Glacier Bay Tours – The best of the best

Glacier Bay National Park is one of the most remote national parks in the US. It is only accessible by plane or boat. In fact, it feels like it is so far away that the reward could not possibly justify the effort. However, I am here to tell you, firsthand, that it does. From the famous boat tour to the surrounding rainforest to relaxing next to the water, this is a place of truly pristine nature, in all of her glory.

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