A breakthrough

It’s Tuesday evening and I am writing to you from another temporary location. The large bald one has only unloaded some of our stuff and now she is sitting silently at a small desk, typing away on her laptop. 

Today we drove nearly 6 hours. This was my third long car ride and I experienced a breakthrough. After what felt like years of research, I finally learned how to open my cat carrier from the inside. 

Cal’s Car ride

It was a slow process at first. I had to identify the opening mechanism and then little by little I had to push it to the open position. At first, I tried using my paw, but the mechanism was too small. Next, I tried pushing my face against it and got a small amount of traction. Progress started out slowly, but once I pushed it a few inches from its starting point, I was able to get more leverage to push it the rest of the way. I proudly popped my head through the open crevice, sure that Michele would be waiting to celebrate my breakthrough. Her face was horrified. 

Michele’s Addendum: I knew this day would come, I just didn’t think it would come so soon. Today was the day that Cal finally broke out of his cat carrier while I was driving. I could hear him rubbing his head on the inside of the fabric case, but I just assumed he was scratching his ear, when all of the sudden, about 3 hours into a 6-hour drive, his little head popped out of the carrier. I was driving on the freeway and immediately panicked since I had nowhere to pull over. I spoke sternly in telling him to get back into the carrier, but it was as if he couldn’t even hear me at all. He calmly wiggled the rest of his body out and sauntered over the center console and into the backseat. After a few meows, he laid down on the floorboard behind my seat and went back to sleep. By the time I could pull over, he looked so content that I let him stay. 

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