A new addition

It’s Sunday afternoon and the entire week has been consumed by intense observation of the newest addition to our apartment. 

Allow me to start at the beginning. On Monday, the large, bald one arrived with a new device. My curiosity was immediately peaked. 

First I noted that it takes up the same amount of space as one sleeping house cat, though it is square in shape. The material is smooth, it appears to be made of plastic. As I jumped up on the counter to investigate, Michele did something unthinkable. She separated the device into 2 different pieces! I felt a surge of panic and ran behind the couch. 

Object of Cal’s curiosity

I watched carefully my hiding place as Michele turned on the sink and directed the flow of water into one half of the device. I saw that water flowed into the object, but not back out. It appears to function like a large water bowl. I wonder if she is planning to drink out of it later tonight. 

Next Michele reconnects both halves of the device and as she rotates it approximately 90 degrees, the most intriguing sound escapes. It sounds like moving water, yet I do not see any water exit the box. I remain behind the couch. 

The large, bald one carries the new object into the living room and sets it on the floor next to the desk. She plugs it in and within seconds it starts to produce a stream of what can only be described as wet air. The newly produced air meanders upwards for a few inches and then seemingly disappears. 

I spent most of the day observing from behind the couch. Later in the week, I was finally able to confirm that it would not move on its own. I moved closer to get a better look. As of today, I am able to approach the device within a few feet but remain wrenched with fear each morning when Michele pulls it apart. How can she be so brutal to such a docile device?

MICHELE’S ADDENDUM: Well, I finally purchased a humidifier; it was worth every penny.

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