A room with windows on every wall

Me and the large, bald one have been living in our new home for almost a week now. I have to admit, I really like it here. It’s much smaller than our old home in Marina Del Rey, which means I can view the entire space from my new perch on the edge of the bed. There are four walls here and, get this, there are windows on every single wall! Oh Goddess of Cats, how did we get so lucky!?

Cal, the camper cougar

When we first arrived, it was pitch dark outside. It was very late on Saturday, well past both of our bedtimes. Despite the terrible timing of our arrival, the large, bald one remained steadfast in her efforts to settle us in. She started unpacking immediately, dealing with my bag first. I am a little cat, but I do not travel light, in fact, my bag takes up half of the cargo space in the backseat. 

Once Michele assembled my litter box and discreetly placed it in the corner of the kitchen, she started on both food bowls (one wet and one dry) and my water bowl. These were placed under the futon in the living area, creating a cat cave where I can eat in peace. Next, she arranged my orange blanket on the couch and provided me with 3 of my favorite toys and a few treats. 

Happy Trails Campground in Meadview, AZ

Things were already looking good in our new home, but then when Michele started on her own bag, something extraordinary came to light. I only have one word to describe it: Cabinets. I had been so distracted by my toys and litter box that I had failed to notice the multitude of cabinets in our new home. As I jumped into each one, I was greeted with unusual (yet pleasant) smells everywhere I turned. 

One by one, Michele filled up the cabinets with our stuff. Once both of our bags were emptied, we quickly fell asleep on the large bed. 

The morning came quickly and was a symphony of sunlight coming in from every single window at once. I immediately jumped out of bed to investigate. In the morning light, our new home was transformed into dozens of places to nap. I spent the rest of the week methodically napping in each area until I determined which area works best for each part of the day. It’s only been 6 days, but I already know that I will like it here. 

MICHELE – It’s been 6 days since Cal and I moved into a small camper trailer at Happy Trails Campground in Meadview, AZ. So far I’ve only met 2 other campers, who happened to be traveling with 2 cats. So far the ratio of cats to humans in Meadview is 1 to 1. I think this is going to be a great place and I can tell that Cal agrees.

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