A silent intruder

As the weeks on the road continue to progress, I start to worry that my stories from the road will run dry. But do not fear dear reader, this is not that week. This week I have Big News to report. 

It’s been 5 weeks now and in my exploration of the closet, kitchen appliances, and various places to sit, I somehow missed the most fascinating feature of our Winona apartment. The Patio Door. To be fair, the large bald one leaves the door closed most of the time, but this week she finally opened it up by a little, tiny crack, inadvertently creating a window into a whole new universe.  

Winona, MN

I first noticed the change in our environment when I got a whiff of something new. It was a new sensation for me, as the smell was accompanied by a sudden change in temperature. Part of the air felt very cold while the rest of it maintained its usual temperature. I slowly approached the door to investigate. 

Upon careful observation, I deduced that the thin line of cold air was coming into the apartment through the crack in the door and dissipating after traveling several feet inwards. I enjoyed the new smells as they wafted about the living room and was torn between sitting directly in front of the crack for maximum exposure and exploring the effects of the air as it meandered through the room. Just when I was starting to fully comprehend this strange phenomenon, Michele quickly slammed the door shut and the new air and smell disappeared. I watch intently in the hopes that it will reopen soon. 

MICHELE’S ADDENDUM: Well, it finally happened. My greatest fear of winter travel came to fruition this week. The temperature dropped below 0.

At first, I just stared out of the living room window. The sun shone brightly and little flurries of snow danced in the air like glitter. I couldn’t wrap my head around how such a beautiful scene could contain such aggressive undertones. 

Eventually, I opened the patio door just a crack to see what would happen. The outside air seemed to saunter into the apartment. It moved with the quiet confidence of an experienced predator, knowing that it would ultimately be my demise. Cal and I watched in silence as the invisible intruder made its way throughout the living room. After nearly 10 minutes I slam the door shut. 

Cal and I stare at the newly sealed patio door. I can’t help but wonder if I have opened Pandora’s box.

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