An empowering moment somewhere in South Dakota

The day finally came. I was lounging on the living room rug after finishing my breakfast when suddenly the large, bald one swooped me up and before I could even formulate my full complaint, I was in my cat carrier with the lid shut tight. Well, damn, how did this happen again? 

After a brisk walk, she released me into the car and I had almost forgotten what a wonderful place it was. She cracked the windows and then left me to my own devices while she finished packing up my stuff. The car is amazing for a few reasons. First, the top half is almost entirely made of windows. There is so much sunlight here that it almost feels like I’m outside. Secondly, there are multiple boxes and they all smell like home. I rubbed my head and face on one of them over and over again while I waited for Michele to return.

Dinosaur Park, Rapid City, SD

The drive took most of the day, but this time Michele provided me with a litterbox, food, and water. At first, I was incredulous, did she really think that I would use the litterbox in a moving vehicle!? What kind of animal did she think I was? But after about 7 hours on the road, I finally gave it a shot, and wow, was it empowering. There is something really magical about pooping while in motion. I highly suggest that everyone tries it at least once. I relived this magical experience at least 2 more times before arriving at our final destination. 

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