Awakening a dormant super power

Well, that went fast! Almost as soon as we arrived at lovely Whidbey Island, Michele was whisking me away to a new home, with new windows. It happened on a Friday afternoon. She was sitting at her desk on her computer as usual, when she suddenly turned around, grabbed me, and placed me in my carrier before I could utter a word. 

As we drove away from one home and towards another, I briefly wondered if we were coming or going. I quickly decided that it doesn’t matter though. After all, I’m just a cat, what do I care?  

New house, new window

The longer we were in the car, the more the temperature outside increased. I took to laying next to the large window in the back of the car, but several times the sun got too hot and I had to crawl down to the floor to cool off. The car ride seemed to last forever and then on Saturday morning we woke up and drove for a whole other day.  

Throughout the course of our travels, I’ve tried many antics to get Michele to stop the car. I’ve meowed incessantly, all sorts of meows, including long whining meows, the loud, powerful one, and even the soft and sad-sounding meows, a sound that I typically reserve for emergencies. But, alas, all of my attempts have gone unnoticed. Once that large, bald one starts the car she slips into some sort of impenetrable trance. 

Now, as a cat, I do not take well to being ignored, so you can imagine my glee when I finally discovered a way to make Michele stop the car. The answer had been in front of me the entire time – so simple, yet elegant. The answer was my litter box, more specifically what I do in it. 

I started to notice that every time I used the litter box, Michele would pull over almost immediately. In order to get more stops, I simply had to will myself to use it more often. 

Now, a little-known fact about cats is that we can actually conjure up excess waste when needed. Yes, it’s true. This is not a talent that we use often, but when we need to make a statement, we can actually excrete more than we ate, therefore defying the laws of physics. I had all but forgotten about my secret poo-generating talent for most of my adult life but luckily I had no problem awakening my dormant abilities. Each time I wanted a break from the movement of the car, I simply used my litter box, and, predictably, Michele pulled over for me. I had finally discovered a way to break her car trance. I knew I could do it. 

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