Best digital nomad jobs – how to start your adventure right now

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Never has it been easier to become a digital nomad! We are living in a new world where the definition of work has shifted from long commutes and cubicles to long days in our pajamas and endless calls on Zoom. As more companies shift to permanent policies on working remotely, there has never been a better opportunity to travel the world. So what are the best digital nomad jobs? Let’s start out with my job: 

Recruiting – how I personally fund my travels

The best digital nomad jobs - working from an Airbnb with my cat
My favorite coworker

Having worked as a Recruiter for almost 15 years now, I know what it’s like to work in the industry. Recruiting is a fun and interesting job that lends itself to a flexible location and has high earning potential. 

Generally, Recruiters either work “in-house”, meaning that you work directly for a large company, usually on the HR team, or you work for an “agency”, meaning you work with lots of different companies. The main difference is that agency recruiters often earn commissions, meaning that the earning limit is limitless, while in-house recruiters earn a salary, meaning better benefits and stability. As the future of work evolves, both types of recruiters are enjoying increasing flexibility in schedule and location. 

My story in recruiting 

I personally started off working in staffing agencies. I focussed on technical recruiting (recruiting for Software Engineers) and broke a 6-digit salary within my first year. My compensation was paid in 100% commission, so it had nothing to do with my background, years of experience, or degree. It was based solely on my ability to do the work. Working in any commission-based industry is a great way to skirt the deeply ingrained mindset that newcomers must “do their time” to be successful.

These days I work in-house for a tech company. I still enjoy a 6-digit salary, which is now based on my years of experience. While I am currently working full-time, this industry offers tons of opportunities to work as a contractor, allowing even greater flexibility for those of us afflicted with a severe case of wanderlust. Have you ever dreamed of working for 6 months and then having 6 months off? I sure have! 6 months of pay as a Recruiter in the US could easily fund 6 months of slow travel in a lower-cost part of the world. Just think about it, okay? 

Another reason that recruiting is a great job to fund traveling is because it allows you to make your schedule. You decide when to open up your calendar to talk to potential candidates. It’s also relatively social work, so for solo travelers (like me!), it can help ease the stress of being alone in a foreign environment. 

Recruiting is one of the best digital nomad jobs – how to start your story

The best digital nomad jobs - view from my Airbnb
Working remote, with a view

Do you want to know the best thing about recruiting? Anyone can do it! Seriously, there is no degree in recruiting. It only takes the willingness to read resumes and talk to applicants. Aside from having a low barrier to entry, Recruiters are typically in demand. Large companies can never seem to hire enough people to keep up with turnover while still growing their teams. 

So, how can you get your foot in the door as a Recruiter? Check out RemoteRecruiting to learn about the basics of a career in recruiting by joining their free courses. If this is a career that you would like to pursue then you can also sign up for their masterclass to learn everything you need to know to start interviewing and secure your dream job to travel the world! I’d even recommend doing your own research and trying a few interviews before investing in the masterclass. Who knows? You may be able to get started now and learn on the job.  

But what if I don’t want to be a Recruiter?

While recruiting has been very kind to me, it may not be for everyone. The good news? There are so many different ways to fund this amazing lifestyle. A few reoccurring themes that I have recognized throughout my travels are: 

The Entrepreneur – the most popular of the best digital nomad jobs

This is the ultimate achievement of independence! I see many fellow travelers who have found stability in combining income streams from multiple sources like blogging, youtube channels, sponsored content, affiliate marketing, merchandise, selling online courses, and more! The key is to find what you are passionate about and share your passion with the world. As the economy evolves there are increasing opportunities to connect directly with your customers and bypass the need for a formal employer. 

Work in the travel industry
Seeing a glacier on my day off!

Becoming a travel industry worker is a great way to immerse yourself in the local culture. I have heard many stories of travelers learning new languages, new cooking techniques, and making new friends because they took a job at a local hostel. Most areas that cater to travelers also have plenty of jobs to support their industry. Once you find a place that you truly love, you can also look into becoming a tour guide. Giving back to the nomad community is a great way to stay connected to local communities while also covering your rent!

Jobs in sales

Similar to recruiting, jobs in the sales industry also tend to have a low barrier to entry with high earning potential. Look into entry-level positions in sectors like digital advertising, online software, financial services, insurance, and pharmaceuticals. This is a great opportunity to make your own schedule and work independently.

Coaching or Consulting

Do you have a true passion? Guess what? People are willing to pay to learn about the thing that you love! In the digital age, it’s becoming increasingly easy to be recognized as an expert in your niche. I have noticed a trend of travelers involved in wellness coaching, however, almost any area of self-improvement has the potential for coaching. Additionally, you can add consulting as a service to your current pursuits. There is a lucrative industry for consulting on travel blogs (maybe one day you could consult on my site?!).

Fulltime remote roles
Fall in Napa – following the seasons as a nomad

Perhaps one of the most stable ways to fund a nomadic lifestyle is through good, ole fashioned work that has turned remote. Job boards like Indeed can help you easily search for jobs that can be performed 100% remotely. Some common examples are call-center support, loan underwriting, tech support, data entry, and social media manager. The possibilities are endless if you are willing to do the research.

The best digital nomad jobs – Conclusion

The profile of the digital nomad is changing rapidly. They are no longer mythical creatures with perfect hair and a trust fund. Digital nomads are people like us! You don’t have to be rich or exceptionally brave to embark on this lifestyle. You only need to do a little bit of planning to enjoy the freedom of life on the road!

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