Bye, bye Bisbee

It’s Monday evening and we have finally left Bisbee, AZ. I can’t say I will miss that place. The lack of windows and cabinets coupled with the presence of other cats made for an uncomfortable stay. Strangely, the large bald one seemed quite happy there. She has no appreciation for the finer things in life. 

Downtown Bisbee

I spent most of the car ride asking where we were going next, but despite my desperate meows, Michele did not provide an answer. Tonight I find myself in what I believe to be a temporary location. Michele only unpacked some of my stuff and almost none of hers. As soon as we arrived in the small room, for which the bed takes up most of the space, she set up my litterbox and food station and then quickly exited, leaving me to explore alone. I am just now starting my investigation for bugs and strange smells. 

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