The Best Christmas Ever, a special musical edition

I can’t believe it’s that time of year again. It seems like only yesterday that the large, bald one and I were snuggled up in our tiny house in Austin. We were just at the beginning of our journey and had no idea what lay ahead. At the time I could have never imagined that this year we’d spend the holiday season in an extra-large condo overlooking the great town of Oakland, California. While our location continues to change, Christmas traditions stay the same. This year I was extra good and was rewarded appropriately.

Special Edition: Reflections on a year of work and diversity annual reports 

I ignore this morning’s alarm as I lay stretched out in the center of the bed. Michele, my best friend, and roommate lays next to me. She stirs quietly, as she reaches for the snooze button. I creep up to my favorite spot as my whiskers tickle her face and I start to purr. ThisContinue reading “Special Edition: Reflections on a year of work and diversity annual reports “

Home Alone

It’s been quite a while since the large, bald one left for an extended period of time, but this week it finally happened. I could tell that she was prepared for an extended trip due to the size of her bag and the mountain of food in my eating area. Earlier in our travels I tried hiding under the bed to prevent her from leaving, but quickly recognized it’s an ineffective tactic. Additionally, I have realized some time apart can be healthy for our relationship. 

Halloween Night

Last week progressed as expected in our humble home in Napa, California. As late as this afternoon, I thought the week would pass us by with no notable to report. However, this evening, something truly strange happened. For most of the week, inclement weather had forced the large, bald ones into a slow retreat indoors, but this evening they all seemed to suddenly flood the street in unison. And, get this, they were wearing costumes! 

Inside cat, outside cat

As I lay, half-asleep on our shared bed, I can not help but gaze out of the window. Lately, I have started to wonder what lies beyond my clean, comfortable, temperature-controlled environment. On one paw, I am comfortable. I have been an inside cat my entire life. I am accustomed to the soft blankets which drape the foot of the bed. I am consistently provided food and the large, bald one even handles the removal of inside bugs, a task that I would certainly not wish on anyone. My needs are surely met, no one could argue against that.