Duty to explore

Well, we survived the night. As a matter of fact, we survived all of Meadview. As I write to you now, we are relaxing in our new home in Bisbee, AZ. Soon after the Night of the Wind, the large, bald one packed our stuff and gently placed me in my cat carrier for a 7-hour drive south. 

At first, I did not like being in the car, but I also understood that we were not going to the vet, so once I was able to separate one occurrence from the other, I started to relax. This is only my second long car ride, but I tend to figure things out pretty fast. 

Downtown Bisbee, AZ

Michele drove throughout most of the daylight hours. When she finally unloaded the car the sun had just set. Upon entering our new home, I was a little startled by the sheer size of it. It’s still one room, but you could easily fit 2 campers in here. Also, there are almost no cabinets. 

I took an immediate dislike to our new room, but I set off to explore anyways, as it remains my duty. I moved slowly and carefully, noting there is almost nowhere to hide in case of an emergency. I carefully smelled around the bed and large pieces of furniture. Michele spent nearly an hour rearranging the room, which did not help my anxiety. Once everything was in place, I finally found a spot on the end of the bed where I could relax. 

MICHELE’S ADDENDUM – I am just starting to get a feel for our new home at the House of Art and Mirrors in Bisbee, AZ. We are staying in the Oscar Wilde Studio, which is a free-standing building, located behind the main house. I take note that this Bed and Breakfast was aptly named, as our room is adorned with 12 mirrors and 20 pieces of art. 

I quickly unpack and still had time to drive to Safeway for groceries. The store was only a few miles away, a luxury that I no longer take for granted. When I got back to the studio apartment Cal was already napping on the foot of the bed. He looks so comfortable like he’s lived here forever. I take a deep breath and lay down next to him. A new adventure begins. 

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