Tiny house, enormous cat tree

It’s Sunday and we’ve been at our new home for 5 days now. It’s much smaller than our last place, in fact, I would even call it “tiny”. I appreciate the compact size as I can see the entire space from my perch on the couch. There are windows on three of the 4 walls, all of which are cat-accessible. 

Cal enjoys the cat tree

There is one feature of our new home that remains perplexing to me, however. There is an extremely large cat tree that takes up nearly one-third of the house. It’s not a regular cat tree; it seems to have been built for the large, bald ones. Each night, Michele climbs up to the top of the large structure and sleeps on the very top. It took me a few tries, but I was finally able to follow her to the top using an alternate path of bookshelves. 

I never knew that the large, bald ones enjoyed sleeping up high. This is certainly a new development. 

MICHELE’S ADDENDUM – We made it to Austin 5 days ago and a new adventure begins. This time we are staying in a tiny house. The house sits in the backyard of a much larger house and is about 200 square feet, in total. The back third of the house features a loft with a small sleeping area on the top. I was aware of the ladder to the bed before moving in but was a little surprised to see that it is completely vertical. Nonetheless, I held my breath and charged upwards for my first night of sleep. Cal quickly followed me, using an alternate pathway up the kitchen counter and adjoining bookshelf. I can’t say that I enjoy sleeping that far off of the ground; I will never understand the appeal to Cal. 

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