Entrapped by the great outdoors

What a great week! The sun is shining, the yard is full of birds and chipmunks, and the large, bald one is acting more predictably than ever. I would even go as far as to say this was one of the best weeks ever, except for one small incident. 

I was lounging on the bed, stretched out as much as I possibly could while gazing out of the window. The wind gently ruffled the leaves of my favorite tree and an orange and black butterfly drifted across my field of vision. Napa was delivering on its promise to ease into Fall with both grace and beauty. 

Napa in October

You could imagine dismay when my view was suddenly obstructed by Her. Yes, the large, bald one had left our indoor territory, gone outside, and was now sitting amongst the trees and birds. 

At first, I could not believe my eyes – we are indoor cats, after all! I know that she leaves our territory occasionally, but I always pictured her going into another enclosed structure. I have great concern about her ability to survive prolonged exposure to the Outside. 

After intently staring for nearly 10 minutes, I knew that I had to take action. I approached the window and meowed loudly. Michele turned to me and tapped the window lightly, a clear sign of distress. 

I meowed again and again hoping that she could use my voice as a beacon by which to return home, but, alas she remained in her spot, clearly entrapped by the great outdoors. Next, I tried hitting the window with my little paws and pacing back and forth. Eventually, my energy drained, and sleep overtook me as I fell into my afternoon nap, right next to the window. When I awoke, she was back inside, as though the whole incident never happened. 

MICHELE’S ADDENDUM: I am just in love with the backyard of our current little house! This week I learned that the Internet connection extends to the yard and I can happily perform most of my work while sitting amongst the trees and the birds. Though, I did find that I need to sit outside of Cal’s line of sight. He is certainly acting overprotective lately. 

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