Glacier Bay Tours – 10 photos of a trip of a lifetime

It’s a little-known fact that cats love taking pictures and what better place to practice your photography skills than Glacier Bay National Park? Featuring a wide variety of nature, visiting this park is well worth the journey. From rainforests to glaciers, you can experience remote Alaska without putting too many miles on your delicate paws. Grab your camera, you’re about to embark on a journey you’ll never forget!

Margerie Glacier

Easily one of the most majestic glaciers in Alaska, Margerie is a tidewater glacier and, due to her density, is one of the bluest glaciers in the area.

Where to see glaciers in Alaska - Margerie Glacier in Glacier Bay National Park, Alaska
Margerie Glacier in Glacier Bay National Park

Glacier Bay in Alaska, view from the boat tour

The 8-hour boat tour, operated by the National Park Service is a barrage of glaciers, sea mammals, and rare birds. Consequently, it can be easy to overlook the raw, untouched nature, on which the park sits.

Boat tour of Glacier Bay National Park in Alaska
Glacier Bay

Bartlett Cove at sunset

Glacier Bay Lodge features a large, wraparound deck, which, consequently offers truly unbelievable views. In addition to enjoying a stunning sunset, you can also purchase a bottle of wine from the gift shop, topping off an already perfect day.

Bartlett Cove in Glacier Bay National Park
Bartlett Cove

Alaskan Rainforest

Nourished by glacier melt and dating back almost 1000 years, the rainforests of Glacier Bay are a magical place. Moreover, the coastal location means there are (almost) no bugs.

Alaskan Rainforest in Glacier Bay National Park
Alaskan Rainforest

Long-haired Mountain Goats

The wildlife is abundant in Glacier Bay, for example, this rarely-seen Alaskan mountain goat seems to almost pose for a picture.

Long Haired Mountain Goat in Glacier Bay National Park in Alaska
Mountain Goat at Glacier Bay

Hiking on Forest Loop Trail

This short trail, easily accessible from Glacier Bay Lodge, is filled with every shade of green you can imagine. In addition to the stunning flora, you’ll also find a wide variety of birds inhabiting the area.

Forest Loop Trail in Glacier Bay National Park in Alaska
Forest Loop Trail

Huna Tribal House, overlooking Glacier Bay in Alaska

The Huna Tribal House pays tribute to the original custodians of the land, the Huna Tlingit clans. During your visit, make sure to watch the short video inside the house, which explains the history of the land.

Huna Tribal House overlooking Glacier Bay in Alaska
Huna Tribal House

John Hopkins Glacier

A truly unique glacier, striped with sediment so it almost blends into the landscape. In addition to its colorful presence, this glacier is one of the largest in the bay, with a width of 1 mile and a height of 300 feet.

John Hopkins Glacier in Glacier Bay National Park in Alaska
John Hopkins Glacier

Bartlett River

As a result of the melting glaciers, you’ll notice an extra-blue tint to the Bartlett River, complementing the various shades of green of its surrounding valley.

Bartlett River in Glacier Bay National Park in Alaska
Bartlett River

Stellar Sea Lions, guarding Glacier Bay in Alaska

These extra-large sea mammals fight for a spot in the sun, meanwhile overseeing all activities in Glacier Bay. They are the noble guardians of this national park.

Stellar Sea Lions in Glacier Bay National Park in Alaska
Stellar Sea Lions

In conclusion, a visit to Glacier Bay is a truly stunning visual experience; the flora and fauna are guaranteed to impress even the most jaded traveler.

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