Goodbye Alaska

That time has come again. I knew it was coming when the large, bald one started cleaning our room in the middle of the week. She tried to act like nothing was going on, but I knew that meant it was moving time. 

On Friday morning, Michele loaded the car as usual: all of our stuff, then me, and finally my litter box. Having spent so much time in the car on our way up to Alaska I had developed a newfound comfort in traveling in it.  

Sunset from Alaska Ferry

We drove for most of the morning, stopping several times in the most interesting places. I laid as close to the back window as possible, watching a myriad of trees, birds, and other cars pass us by.

It was only later in the day, when we drove into a large, dark, densely packed parking lot that I began to get an inkling as to what would happen next. We were on a Moving Parking Lot again! My suspicion was confirmed when the large, bald one carefully filled my food and water bowl and then left me alone in my private, car bubble. About 30 minutes later, the parking lot started to move. It was no big deal, after all, I am an expert now. 

At first, I thought I was alone in the Moving Parking Lot. I could see other cars, but they all appeared to be empty. However, as the evening progressed, I started to realize that I was not alone. In the car, to my left, I saw two very shy cats slowly peek their heads out of the passenger side window. Now, I generally do not get along with other cats, but something in my heart went out to these two. I could tell it was their first time on a Moving Parking Lot. 

I spent most of the evening pantomiming that everything would be okay for the new cats. It took a while, but I think that I was finally able to get through to them. As the veteran cat on this journey, it is my sacred duty to put others at ease. This is not a job that I do not take lightly.  

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