Halloween Night

Last week progressed as expected in our humble home in Napa, California. As late as this afternoon, I thought the week would pass us by with no notable events to report. However, this evening, something truly strange happened. For most of the week, inclement weather had forced the large, bald ones into a slow retreat indoors, but this evening they all seemed to suddenly flood the street in unison. And, get this, they were wearing costumes! 

Cal falls asleep

I sat in the kitchen window, on high alert for most of the evening. I watched as hoards of large, bald ones wandered the streets. I took inventory of the different costumes they had chosen to wear. Some had on large hats, some wore brightly colored garments, and some even had paint on their faces. It was a scary sight to witness, but from the safety of my little perch, I was able to manage this unexpected behavior. In fact, I was doing just fine until something happened. An event that was so truly horrific, I can barely type the words. I saw a beast that was part large, bald one and part regular cat. 

The beast moved as Michele moves, walking upright and using only two of its four feet. However, the same beast also had small pointy ears on top of its head and a long catlike tail, which swished from side to side as it walked. What was this strange animal? 

As I watched the beast move down the street, my fear started to morph into curiosity. This strange creature must be able to hear like me, but it also seems to have the uncanny dexterity of its paws that Michele exhibits. Its tail must allow for increased agility, but its ability to navigate the world on 2 feet, also gives it the advantage of increased height.

Maybe what I am looking at is not a beast at all. Maybe it’s a miracle. Is it possible that I am observing the next step in cat evolution!? 

As I slowly crept back from the kitchen window, I made a couple of passes next to Michele’s leg. I wanted to reassure her of my love and devotion, even though the events of the evening has left my head spinning. 

I barely made it to my spot on the couch before falling into a deep slumber, where I dreamt of a world where all cats become one. 

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