Heaven is in a cabinet in Meadview, AZ

Our camper is small, but I continue to discover new places to explore. It was Wednesday morning when I caught a whiff of another cat from one of the lower cabinets. As I investigated, I realized that I had never been in this particular cabinet. I sniffed incessantly and knew that I had to get inside at any cost. I tried pulling the door open with my paw, but it was stuck. I tried scratching through the door, but unsurprisingly that did not work either. It was only when I started to verbally express my distress that the large, bald one finally took pity and opened the cabinet for me. 

Upon entrance, I was confused. The space was very shallow and barely had any room at all, but that’s when I noticed it. The Crevice. To my right, there was a small opening, from which the cat smell was emanating. I cautiously pushed my head through the hole. It was dark, but I could make out a much larger space beyond The Crevice. Naturally, I crawled inside. 

Cal’s favorite cabinet

I followed the smell around the space. I could tell from the scent that the mystery cat was friendly. In fact, the entire space was filled with a beautiful mix of scents and tufts of fur from a variety of friendly cats. The smells were starting to fade as the friendly cats were long gone, yet I breathed deeply and immediately felt at peace. 

Now, I am going to tell you a secret, a fact that is little known amongst the large, bald ones. And I am assuming that you, dear reader, are a large, bald one (since there is only the type of cat that reads blogs). Well, here it is. Cats leave messages with their scents and tufts of fur.

Yes, it’s true. That’s why we are always rubbing our faces on the furniture, it’s the way that we communicate with other cats. Sadly though, most of our messages go unheard, since the large, bald ones are constantly cleaning up after us. But on that day, I made an important discovery, a place where the large, bald ones may never come. A place where cats can communicate freely. This cabinet is like heaven. 

As I moved around the large, dark space, I estimated that I was in an unused storage area, which had been completely walled off, save the entrance Crevice. I smelled each inch very carefully and I slowly started to digest the different messages from all of the cats that had come before me. The different pieces started to fit together and before I knew it, I have discovered the secret to the universe! It’s here; it’s really here, behind the bottom cabinet, next to the bedroom, in the camper at Happy Trails Campground in Meadview, AZ! Who would have thought?

Now, I’m not very well versed in translating cat smell into the written word, but I would like to share the secret with you to the best of my ability. It’s meeeooowwpurrringfortytwocutecatsnoringsoundsmeow. I hope that makes sense and that you can help me spread this miraculous news.

I’ve been trying to share this discovery with Michele for 3 days now and she continues to scratch my ears and baby talk at me. Sometimes I think she’ll never get it.

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