Home Alone

It’s been quite a while since the large, bald one left for an extended period of time, but this week it finally happened. I could tell that she was prepared for an extended trip due to the size of her bag and the mountain of food in my eating area. I watched from the foot of the bed as she gathered her bags and stepped through the front door. I barely lifted my head in acknowledgement, but on the inside I felt excitement begin to stir. The large, bald one was finally gone; let the party begin. 

Fall in Napa

On night 1 I spent most of my time gaining access to the clothes hamper. I am a small cat and it took a feat of pure and utter strength to knock the hamper over. After multiple attempts, I finally gained full access to the inside. Upon entry I experienced an initial wave of disappointment as there were less clothes that I had expected. However, the few items that were present smelled just like Michele and I revealed in their scent. I soon realized that in addition to the dirty clothes I could also coat the entire inside of the hamper with cat hair. Thus I began my work of ensuring that the large, bald one will continue to bear my mark whenever she ventures outside of the cat den. 

On day 2 I mostly slept in the sunlight. I relived the moment of conquering the clothes hamper over and over again. Occasionally I would saunter over to the scene of my victory just to make sure it was not a dream. 

Later that evening I began work on my eating area. First I made sure to spread plenty of dry cat food all round. It’s important to get the cat food out of the bowl, as it provides easier access for when I am overcome by the need for a midnight snack. Next I methodically dropped pieces of dry food into my water bowl. I enjoy watching the little pellets of food puff up in the water and eventually disintegrate into a cloudiness that makes both the food and water more desirable. I eventually slumbered on the floor next to my food bowl. 

On day 3, after much calculated effort, I managed to knock a large painting off of the living wall and open the lid to the recycling bin. Don’t ask me how I managed this feat for which one clearly needs thumbs to complete. This is my secret and I will never tell.

On day 4, just when I was starting to run out of things to do, I heard the unmistakable sound of the outside gate opening up and knew that my large, bald one had returned! I quickly ran to the front window and watched as she lugged her large bag up the front walkway and unceremoniously burst through the door, dropping items as she entered the house. I meowed incessantly. I can not wait to tell her about my week. 

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