Hopping cats

I am waking up alone for the 2nd day in a row. On Friday afternoon the large, bald one left with a medium-sized bag. I knew that I was going to be solo for some time, and judging from the size of her bag, I guessed that it would be approximately 2 days. She tried to act like nothing was happening, but I’ve been around long enough to recognize preparations for a weekend trip. I mirrored her aloof attitude, but as the door closed, I knew that I would miss her greatly.

Knowing that I had at least a day and a half to myself, I did not rush to get anything done. I started out with an extra-long nap. It was nice to nap without being disturbed, for once. By the time I finally woke up, it was dark outside and I had the longest, most satisfying stretch of my life. I made a few rounds of the camper to make sure that everything was in order. Next, I took the opportunity to jump on the kitchen counter, something I would never do with the large, bald one present. I spent most of the night smelling this newly accessed area. I also deposited a few tufts of fur. Even though I do not go onto the counters in her presence, I would still like her to know that I could, if I wanted. 

Hopping cat

The next day, I slept in again. It was glorious, I have not slept like this since I was a kitten! Near sunset, I was spending some time by my favorite window, when it happened. A moment that would change my memory of Meadview forever… I saw a new kind of cat, one that I have never seen before. It was gray with a very short and puffy tail. It had long ears, which laid flat on its head. If the tail and ears were not strange enough, the way that it moved was truly fascinating. It had four legs, but it did not walk like a normal cat, instead, it hopped. A hopping cat! I did not know these existed. I watched, utterly transfixed until the strange cat finally hopped out of sight. Later that night, around sunset, the strange cat returned, but this time there was more than one. By the time the sun fully set I counted 6 hopping cats. 

All of last night I dreamt of the hopping cats. I can hardly wait until Michele comes back so that I can show her. Currently, I am waiting dutifully by the front door. I want her to know that I missed her when she returns. 

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