How the days pass us by

Our new home in sunny Napa, California has turned out to be even more lovely than the last. Michele told me that she rented the house from Furnished Finder, and I think we were both a little nervous about what we would get. On the Furnished Finder platform, you rent directly from property owners with no intermediary to guarantee legitimacy. Luckily, when we arrived, everything was as advertised. 

After the initial chaos of unpacking, we started to settle in. I carefully watched the large, bald one as she became accustomed to the new space. I noted that each morning she would sit down at a large, round table by the window. She would remain there for most of the day, sometimes until the sun started to set. I quickly deduced that she must get some value from sitting at the large, round table for most of the day. Naturally, I wanted to learn more. 

Cal, after a hard day’s work

The next morning, I carefully watched the large, bald one’s every move as she glided through the normal morning routine. But this time, I did not retreat onto the sofa for my morning nap, instead, I followed her to the large, round table and hopped onto the chair next to hers. She cooed and scratched my head for a few moments before turning her attention to her laptop for the day. I watched intently.

For the rest of the week, each morning, I would quietly perch on the chair next to Michele’s. I observed her, observing her computer, as the days passed us by. My cat-like intuition told me this process is integral to our survival. It must somehow be attached to our ability to procure food and shelter, though I still can not quite work out the connection. 

Nonetheless, now that I know sitting at the large, round table each day is important to our survival, I will faithfully fulfill my duty alongside the large, bald one. I just hope that one day she can find a more interesting way of making a living. 

MICHELE’S ADDENDUM: I’ve been working remotely from the dining room in our new home in Napa, California for nearly a full week. Cal has recently developed the cutest habit of sitting next to me, while I complete my daily work. Sometimes I wonder if we could find a more interesting way to pass the time. 

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