How to be an indoor cat

This week has been one of quiet contemplation. I’ve spent a lot of time reflecting on the concept of “Quarantine”. Michele has attempted to explain it to me several times, but I still just don’t quite understand why the large, bald ones don’t want to spend all day indoors. The more I think about it, however, the more I start to realize that Michele needs to be taught how to become an indoor cat. Yes, that will be my new mission for 2021. 

For any large, bald ones reading this blog, you should start with the basics. 

  1. Stare out of the window more than you stare into your laptop
  2. Play aggressively when the mood strikes (with no regard for the time of day)
  3. Be clear with other cats when you want attention and when you want to be left alone
  4. Take lots of naps
  5. Ponder the existence of the dishwasher and other kitchen appliances 
Lesson on napping

MICHELE’S ADDENDUM: It’s Sunday again and another week in Winona has passed. Around the middle of the week, we received a Winter Storm warning. This was very exciting news and Cal and I hunkered down for the evening. As nighttime fell, we left the blinds open to watch the drama. We held our breaths as we carefully watched a quiet evening of slowly falling snowflakes while a few kids pushed sleds up and down the street. The next morning tall snowdrifts lined the streets, providing evidence of the least impressionable storm that we’ve ever experienced. Even the weather in Minnesota has good manners. 

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