18 Essential Things to Know about Alaska Before You Go

Welcome to the captivating realm of Alaska, a land as expansive as the curiosity of a cat. Affectionately called the 49th state, Alaska offers a realm of feline fascination. Stretching over 663,000 square miles of untamed territory, Alaska is the largest state in the United States. From towering mountains to unspoiled coastlines, this territory is a beacon for cats who want to prowl through its hidden treasures.

Top 36 local things to do San Francisco in 2023

As an experienced slow-traveling cat, I fancy myself a connoisseur of the world’s hidden corners. Over the past year, I’ve prowled through alleys, sauntered down boulevards, and whisked my way through many city secrets. Today, I’m ready to let the cat out of the bag about one of my favorite concrete jungles – the enchanting San Francisco. Nestled on the edge of the mighty Pacific, there are so many local things to do in San Franscisco that it’s easy to become overwhelmed. Follow my velvety pawprints, dear readers, as I guide you through the local treasures and hidden gems that make San Francisco a playground for curious cat explorers!

The closest town to Glacier National Park: your home base for adventure

Visiting Glacier National Park is one of this cat’s favorite pastimes! There is just something about the area’s expansive nature and its absence of overcrowded cities that really speaks to my love of solitude. Everyone knows cats like to be left alone and this sparsely populated area of the country is just the place for a cat to relax. So, the only question is in what town should you stay? Depending on what side of the park you’ll visit, you have several options for staying in the closest town to Glacier National Park.

Alaska Road Trip Itinerary – the most useful guide to date

Everyone knows that cats enjoying looking out of windows and I am certainly no expectation to the rule. However, it was not until my first road trip through Alaska, that I realized a car window may be the best kind of window. Traveling through Alaska in a car is like watching a nature documentary from inside the television screen. The dramatic landscape, the plethora of birds and occasional bear sighting make roadtripping through Alaska a thrilling experience for any cat that appreciates a good view. So how do you get your human companion to start planning? Glad you asked! Our Alaska Road Trip Itinerary is designed to get you started on planning the adventure of a lifetime.

Seattle to Anchorage Ferry – Everything you need to know

As a traveling cat, I never thought I would see the day where I would find myself completely surrounded by water. So, when my two legged travel companion first brought me onto the Seattle to Anchorage ferry I was skeptical. However, once I learned the lay of the land, so to speak, I found traveling on the ferry to be a unique and relaxing journey. 

Things to do in Homer, Alaska – the Best of Alaska

As a traveling cat, I appreciate destinations that are filled with nature and not too crowded. Cats don’t like to be around too many people (and we tend to hide when we get overwhelmed!). This is exactly what’s great about Homer, Alaska – it’s a friendly, small town that is easy for any cat to explore. Aside from relaxing in the sun and watching the fisherman unload their daily catch, your human companion will also find plenty of things to do in Homer, Alaska. 

The best things to do in Whittier, Alaska in 2023

Whittier, Alaska is a small seaside town with an interesting history, stunning nature, and the perfect jumping-off point to explore Prince William Sound and the surrounding area. Slow-traveling cats love visiting Whittier because of the slow pace of life and excellent seafood. Speaking from my own perspective as a well-traveled cat, I love a lazy afternoon in Whitter, gazing at the sea, mixed in with a little bit of outdoor exploration. As for my human, there are plenty of opportunities for adventure in this deceptively small Alaskan town. Read on to learn the best things to do in Whittier, Alaska in 2023

Booking an Alaska Sightseeing Train: what you need to know

As a cat, one of my favorite things to do is stare out of the window. I am constantly trying to demonstrate this magnificent activity to my human companion, and I think she has finally understood! It was experiencing an Alaska sightseeing train that finally did it. All traveling cats know that one surefire way to relaxation and adventure is a scenic train ride.

The best hikes in Badlands National Park & planning guide

When you are a cat visiting Badlands National Park, it’s like catching a glimpse into how your ancestors lived. Known for its unique landscape and high density of fossils, Badlands National Park was once a hotbed of ancient mammals, including my distant cousin, the saber tooth tiger! Looking around it’s easy to tell why ancient cats chose to settle on this land. With plenty of tall grass to hide in and rodents to chase, Badlands National Park is a paradise for cats. Aside from cat-centric activities, you’ll find plenty to keep your human busy as well. This article features the best hikes in Badlands National Park and a planning guide for visiting this special land.

Introducing the best ever Olympic National Park Itinerary

If you are a curious cat like me, you’ll be especially impressed by Olympic National Park. With nearly 1 million acres of land, several distinct ecosystems run throughout this gorgeous park. Located in Washington state, on the mystical Olympic Peninsula, this area is known for its rugged coastline, temperate rain forests, and dramatic mountains. In short, there are plenty of plants to nibble, trees to climb, and places to hide – Olympic National Park truly is a cat’s dream! So, how is one to plan the perfect trip? Read on for everything you need to know to build your Olympic National Park itinerary.