Introducing the best ever Olympic National Park Itinerary

If you are a curious cat like me, you’ll be especially impressed by Olympic National Park. With nearly 1 million acres of land, several distinct ecosystems run throughout this gorgeous park. Located in Washington state, on the mystical Olympic Peninsula, this area is known for its rugged coastline, temperate rain forests, and dramatic mountains. In short, there are plenty of plants to nibble, trees to climb, and places to hide – Olympic National Park truly is a cat’s dream! So, how is one to plan the perfect trip? Read on for everything you need to know to build your Olympic National Park itinerary.

Glacier National Park in June: what you need to know

Of all the adventures in the world, exploring national parks will always be a favorite pastime for this slow-traveling cat. While each national park has its own unique charm, I found Glacier National Park to be particularly suitable for cats. Filled with rushing rivers and majestic waterfalls, there is so much running water to observe that any cat would be completely mesmerized. In fact, visiting Glacier National Park in June is the best time to see these waterfalls at their peak flow. 

Visit Alaska in Summer – reasons to come here now

As the most well-traveled cat I know, I can say with confidence that Alaska is an exceptionally beautiful place to visit in summer. In addition to endless days, the entire state is overrun with wildlife, including a plethora of birds (a fact deeply appreciated by most traveling cats). Despite its beauty, however, Alaska continues to fly under the radar of the mainstream travel industry, making it an excellent destination for introverted cats like me. These are just a few of the reasons that I personally love to visit Alaska in summer. Let’s look at what else this great state has to offer!

The Ultimate Guide: What to wear in Alaska in winter – It’s not what you think

Everyone knows that cats prefer warm temperatures, but I am here to tell you that a well-executed winter trip satisfies a deep-seated sense of adventure that all slow traveling cats secretly harbor. The truly brave cats that venture into the Alaskan winter are sure to be rewarded with a truly unforgettable experience! Like most cats, you may be wondering how to stay warm in the winter season. Do not fear, I have carefully observed Michele, my faithful travel companion for all of her tips and tricks on what to wear in Alaska in winter.

What to wear in Alaska in summer: your complete guide

As a traveling cat, one thing that constantly piques my curiosity is the concept of clothing. Michele, my eternally optimistic travel companion, seems to be obsessed with purchasing new articles of clothing and then combining them in different ways depending on where we are traveling. This strange obsession becomes most pronounced when she is deciding what to wear in Alaska in summer. 

Best of the best: Winter activities in Alaska

Slow traveling cats get the honor of experiencing our favorite places outside of the typical tourist seasons. Last summer I watched as crowds of tourists flocked to Alaska to relish long days and beautiful nature. As the snow began to fall, however, they all retreated to the lower 48. Now all cats know that when crowds start to dissipate, the real fun begins! Wintertime is when Alaska really shines as a unique travel experience. Like all good cats, the locals have adapted to extreme conditions while maintaining a deep connection to nature. Are you adventurous enough to plan a trip during the winter season? Read on for the best winter activities in Alaska.

Where to see glaciers in Alaska: see what gigantic really means

You may not think that a regular old house cat like me would have any interest in glaciers in Alaska, but you would be wrong. Cats are very curious creatures and figuring out where to see glaciers in Alaska turned out to be one of my favorite Alaskan adventures. Once I started learning about the glaciers, I was hooked!

Things to do in Sonora, California – Found: Hidden Gem

Perhaps the greatest privilege of being a slow traveling cat is the ability to spend time in lesser known travel destinations. As a cat I like to do the exact opposite of what people expect, which includes getting off the beaten path! Exploring the lovely town of Sonora, California alongside my favorite human has been one of my favorite travel experiences on the west coast. One of a few gateways to Yosemite National Park, Sonora is the perfect place to learn about California’s rich history, explore nature and truly experience life in a small mountain town. In order to plan your perfect trip, I am excited to share the best things to do in Sonora, California.

10 day Alaska Itinerary – the best of Alaska

Alaska is the perfect place for traveling cats that love adventure! As a cat, I particularly love the abundance of wildlife that Alaska has to offer as well as the varied outdoor experiences. Everyone knows that cats love to be outside and, for that, there is no greater place than the lovely state of Alaska. Having extensively explored this state, my human travel companion and I have learned a lot about the best places to visit. Together, we have crafted the perfect 10 day Alaska Itinerary, complete with variations for different seasons.

The Best San Francisco Districts to visit on vacation

The city of San Francisco has numerous neighborhoods residing within it. While some are better known than others, they all have something to contribute to your travel experience. If you plan to visit San Francisco, this list is perfect for getting an idea of where you want to go. From the hidden gems to mainstay activities, we have it all! Read on to learn more about the different San Francisco districts.