Living to eat

 As a cat, I “eat to live”. The idea of “living to eat” has always perplexed me. The very idea that someone could love food for the sake of food seems so incomprehensible when there are so many other aspects of life to focus on. 

Well, all of that changed this weekend. On Saturday evening, Michele shared with me a piece of food that was so delectable that both my mouth and my nose were changed forever. 

Smoked salmon

The consistency was somewhere between my wet food and dry food. I believe the word I am looking for is “flakey” (though you’ll need to bear with me as I just starting to develop a vocabulary around food).

The flavor was unlike anything I had ever experienced. I was overcome by a sensation of all of my favorite things at once. It was like feeling the fresh breeze while catching a bug and cuddling with my large, bald one all at the same time! I know it sounds impossible that such a feeling could exist, but I swear to you it came washing over me just as I sank my teeth into the first bite of this delicious piece of food. 

The smell was also distinct. It was salty, yet gently pungent at the same time. It smelled delicate and enticing; part of my soul knew that I already had this experience in another life. 

I will spend the rest of my life attempting to find this food again. I now live to eat wild-caught Alaskan sockeye salmon. 

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