Nature comes back to life

This was a wonderful week indeed! The ground has finely turned from the unnatural color of white back to a more recognizable muddy brown. Nature is alive again with the sounds of Spring! 

As I sat, perched next to my favorite window, I pondered what could have possibly gone wrong for the past 8 weeks. Upon arrival to our latest apartment, the ground was already covered with a strange white substance. At first, I thought this place had white grass, but then I slowly started to realize that it’s not grass at all – it’s actually a covering for the grass. I am still unsure why the large, bald ones would cover up their grass with white blankets, but it was a bad enough idea that all of the birds, squirrels, and insects fled the town. I would have fled too, but I had to stay and care for Michele. Having a large, bald one as a pet can really cramp my style sometimes. 

Lake Winoa

Things got so bad that there were long spans of time where the sun even refused to shine. Thankfully this week, however, everyone has come back to their senses. The white covering for the ground has been removed, the sun is shining and the birds have returned. I hope this town has learned its lesson and we do not repeat this ridiculousness next year. 

MICHELE’S ADDENDUM: Almost as fast as it came, winter has fled Southern Minnesota. The ground is muddy and will soon be covered in a sea of grass and flowers that have been waiting patiently for their debut. I spent the weekend appreciating Winona and relishing in the small window of time where it’s warm enough for a T-shirt but the river remains covered in ice. As I walked around Lake Winona, all of the locals waved and smiled knowingly. I guess we all have something in common now.

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