New accommodations

After only a few days, I was already starting to get the hang of life in Alaska. Our first home was a single room with one, extra-large window. I particularly enjoy single room housing as it means I can lay on the bed all day while I stare at Michele as she works on her computer. In fact, the bed here is so well placed that I can see both Michele and the large tree outside of the window at the same time. I can conduct my daily surveillance without even lifting a paw!

Cal at the Extended Stay

Just as I was finally starting to settle in, Michele suddenly swept me up and back into the car. Before I could even settle in, she quickly removed me from the car and released me into yet another single-room accommodation. Oh well, I guess we live here now. I meander over to the window and gaze into the distant mountains.

MICHELE’S ADDENDUM: After moving into the worst Airbnb I have ever experienced, I finally came to terms with the fact that I could not clean up the mold and resigned to the idea of moving again. As I relocated to the Extended Stay hotel down the street, Cal complacently went along for the ride. Once all of our stuff was moved, I join Cal at our newest window. We stand side by side, observing the sun that will not set. 

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