New toys, new cat, new year

It’s Sunday afternoon and the large, bald one and I are lounging on the couch. This week started out like any other week; Michele worked on her laptop most of the day, while I naped and occasionally patrolled the windows for invading cats. So far, I have only encountered one invader, which was easily scared off with a few low-pitched meows. 

Later in the week, however, things took a strange turn. The large, bald one started to leave the house for unusually long periods of time; in fact, on Thursday and Friday, she was gone for most of the day. At first, I took it personally. I wondered what I had done wrong, but then, as time progressed, I started to learn to enjoy my own company. After all, I am a pretty cool cat.  


Late on Friday night, Michele finally returned and I was pleasantly surprised to see that she was bearing gifts! She handed me 2 new toys, practically doubling my earthly possessions. I was so excited, I didn’t know where to start. One toy is soft, lightweight, and fluffy. The other one is denser but smells of the sweetest combination of grass and flowers that I have ever experienced. I wanted to be consumed by the smell and rubbed my head against the new toy until we started to merge as one. That night I snuggled next to my new, favorite toy and slept like a kitten.

This morning, however, something else unexpected happened. Michele brought 2 large, bald cats into our tiny house. This is the first time that she has ever brought other living beings into our space, so I immediately felt worried. I sat on the top shelf of the bookcase to observe. The first thing I noticed, was that they both smelled the same as Michele. At a closer glance, they even looked similar. I deduced they must be friendly cats, but still needed more time to solidify my stance.  It took a while, but eventually, I climbed down to investigate. My interaction with the newcomers was brief, but I could already tell they would fit in well.

As the sun started to set, the newcomers left and Michele and I settled onto the couch for some evening TV. It seems as though things are almost back to normal. 

MICHELE’S ADDENDUM: It’s the Sunday after Christmas and we are already halfway through the holidays. I can’t believe how fast time flies! I spent most of Christmas Eve and Christmas Day with my parents. The days were filled with amazing food, good wine, and conversation. A few gifts were exchanged and both Cal and I got exactly what we wanted. After hearing me talk non-stop about my best friend and travel companion, my parents came to visit me and Cal at the tiny house earlier today. The visit was brief, but I could tell that Cal had an affinity for both of them. 

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