New windows, new outlook

Cal’s new window, Whidbey Island, WA

Oh, how life has changed for me this week! After spending what felt like an eternity on yet another Moving Parking Lot, we finally settled down in the Best House Ever. 

Upon a forceful ejection from my trusty cat carrier, I could already tell this place was special. The air felt cool and sunlight flooded not one, but three distinct rooms! I immediately traced the perimeter of our new living quarters, counting 6 windows in all. I quickly located the kitchen sink and waited patiently for Michele to provide just the right amount of water pressure for my drinking pleasure. 

We spent most of the day settling in. Michele carefully emptied each of our bags and I jumped onto every windowsill, making note of the best places to sit at each point in the day. The views from this large, airy apartment are stunning and I’ve already spotted at least 3 hopping cats (the kind with the extra-long ears and cotton-puff tails), as well as, some other wild cats that I have yet to identify. 

I can already tell that our time here will be tranquil and filled with natural beauty. 

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