On the road again

The large, bald one moved us again over the weekend. This time we ended up in a tiny apartment in Great Falls, MT. The drive here was typical, with one slight difference. Now that I know our travel carriage contains a fresh litterbox, I waited patiently for Michele to place me in the car before partaking in my morning defecation. I could tell this brought her happiness as she pulled over immediately to clean the box. She never acts this quickly when we are indoors!

Cal in Great Falls, MT

Once we arrived, I immediately went into exploration mode. Our new apartment features 3 west-facing windows, with the deepest window sills I have ever seen! They are absolutely marvelous. The only problem is that the large, bald one insists on using them for her personal items. Each morning I diligently swat each item onto the floor, and then she nonchalantly places them back without some much as a glance in my direction.

Despite the turf war, I am still able to sit comfortably on the extra-large window sills, while I watch the myriad of birds and little insects that populate the air space of our 3rd story abode. I feel at home already.

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