Reconciling uncatlike behaviors

I’ve been living with the large, bald one for quite some time now. Granted, she was always unusual for a cat, but all this time I’ve been sure that she was, in fact, a cat. I have turned a blind eye to instance after instance of uncatlike behavior. 

Cal demonstrating catlike behavior

One example is how I’ve demonstrated multiple times how to properly drink out of a water glass, which is by submerging your entire head into the glass and rigorously licking at the water. Despite my efforts, the large, bald one has continued to drink with her unusually dexterous front paws. 

On multiple occasions, I have also attempted to teach her how to bathe properly. However, she continues to act as though getting herself soaking wet results in cleanliness. Everyone knows that the use of your own tongue is a much more effective way of staying clean. 

The drinking and the bathing were only the beginning, however. As time progressed, I gathered more and more clues about Michele’s true nature. It was only just yesterday though, that I was hit with the biggest realization of all. A fact that was so unbelievable it took me until now to fully comprehend the weight of its meaning. Michele, the large, bald cat ONLY SLEEPS AT NIGHT. As this truth slowly seeped into my psyche, I knew that my worst fear was being confirmed. Michele is not a cat. 

Oh, woe is me, my best friend, my travel buddy, my roommate, and my lifelong love is not who I thought she was! The fact is that we are separate beings with our own ways of existing. Michele is not a lesser version of me; she is something different entirely. 

As my initial shock fades into despair, I also can not help but think of the great moments we’ve shared and the bond that exists between us. Does it really matter if she’s a cat? She’s always loved me no matter how I drink my water or the number of hours I sleep. I quickly resolve to continue loving her too. She doesn’t need to be just like me to be my best friend. In fact, sometimes it’s better if best friends are a little bit different. 

However, none of this changes the fact that she is still large… and bald.

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