Reflections on the past, new adventures await

All good things must come to an end and so goes this holiday season. While I’ve enjoyed the extra time with my favorite large, bald one, I know that time must move us forward. As Michele slowly resumes her daily routine, I can not help but reflect on our ever-evolving relationship. 

Overall, I can tell that I’ve been a good influence as the large, bald cat has demonstrated more cat-like behavior than ever. Aside from remaining at home most of the time, she has also taken to napping in the middle of the day. Honestly, I could not be prouder of her progress. 

However, we still have a few things to work on.   

I’ve noticed that some mornings Michele still needs a wake-up call. Every 5 days or so she inadvertently goes into what I call Extended Hibernation Mode. I know she can not be doing this on purpose, as it is clearly disruptive to my morning routine. When this happens, it’s up to me to help wake her from her slumber by tickling her face with my whiskers and walking back and forth across her chest. I know Michele values this service and I will happily provide it until she learns to wake at a consistent hour each day. 

Additionally, to my dismay, the arduous task of bird monitoring continues to fall squarely on my cat-sized shoulders. Each afternoon I assume my watch post on the living room window sill and note all of the birds that fly by. I alert Michele when I see a particularly interesting bird, but each time she simply coos at me and scratches my ears. I purr involuntarily as I return to my solitary task. I constantly try to explain how hard I work each day, but she never seems to understand my plight. 

While each year brings change to our environment and growth to our relationship, it’s nice to know that some things will never change. The large bald one loves me deeply and I will always return the feeling. As we forge ahead into 2022, I can’t help but wonder what the new year will bring.

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