Introducing the best computers for working remotely in 2023

As a slow-traveling cat, I take great pride in my job. Defending our living space from pests, inspecting all cabinets and drains, and monitoring the local bird population are all vital to the lifestyle of a digital nomad. My human travel companion, however, has a different kind of job. She is in charge of paying the bills and, in order to do that, she uses something called a computer. When determining the best computers for working remotely, there are a few factors to consider. 

Introducing the best bank for digital nomads in 2023

All cats are afflicted with an inherent motivation to expand their territory. And, there is no better way to get your paws on unclaimed ground, than by living a nomadic lifestyle. Aside from exploring and claiming new territory, my unique lifestyle definitely has its perks! The downside, however, is that it can sometimes feel like the most simple tasks are ten times more difficult. Take banking, for example, finding the best bank for digital nomads can be a challenge. 

Digital nomad housing – how to get started now

Cats are the original “work from home” species. Our jobs of monitoring pests, keeping the couch warm and rescuing stray hair ties are best performed in the home. Only recently, however, have our human companions started to enjoy the benefits of working from home. And one of the greatest benefits of a work from home lifestyle is the opportunity to travel fulltime. While living as a digital nomad may seem like an extreme lifestyle, securing digital nomad housing is actually easier than you think! Read on to learn about your best options for finding a home away from home.

The ultimate digital nomad packing list – downsizing to a better life

Cats are well-renowned experts when it comes to packing. We like to watch our human’s every move and occasionally climb into the suitcase to protest certain decisions. In fact, as a slow-traveling cat, nothing excites me more than the sight of an empty suitcase! Over the years me and my human companion have learned a thing or two about packing for long-term travel. Read on to learn how to design your personalized digital nomad packing list. 

How to see the world without quitting your job: lessons from slow traveling while working remotely

If anyone knows how to have it all, it’s a house cat. Like most cats, I am afflicted with an endless sense of curiosity that requires me to constantly seek new experiences. At the same time, however, I crave security and predictability. When my human made the decision to travel while working remotely for her full-time job, I could not stop purring. 

How to get mail while traveling – what you need to know

While all cats are inherently wild at heart, we are also used to having our own territory. In fact, when planning a nomadic lifestyle with my human companion, it took months to wrap my head around the idea of not having a permanent home. My brain incessantly wandered amongst the big philosophical questions like what do I do with my cat toys, how to make new friends, maintenance of my strict diet, and so forth. However, as a middle-aged cat who manages multiple business affairs, I worried most about how to get my mail while traveling. 

How to nomad America, 6 myths busted, starting with vanlife

Burnout amongst house cats has always been a problem in America. With the high-pressure job of monitoring for invading pests, constantly being on call for food clean up and the ongoing effort of managing up to your human companion, life in the typical American household has never been more tedious and demanding. And, with the last few years weighing heavy on our feline souls, burnout has become more than a problem; it’s a crisis. What better way to take control of your life than to nomad America with your human companion?