The beast beyond the door

Well, another week has passed and life at the House of Art and Mirrors remains as interesting as it sounds. Just a few days ago, I was taking my mid-morning nap on the foot of the bed when I heard the most graceless thud just outside of the front door. Awoken from my slumber, I begrudgingly approached the door to investigate. I could hear a large beast on the other side; it was sniffing around the perimeter of the studio. It sounded as if the animal had a nose the size of my entire head. I briefly questioned whether or not it was even a cat (though later that day I determined it was a cat, as everyone knows, non-cat lifeforms are only a myth). 

At first, I felt scared, but I also knew that I had to learn more. I incessantly smelled my side of the door and even tried to push it open. I begged Michele to let me out, but she refused. 

Cal doubts the existence of non-cat lifeforms

Eventually, the beast retreated. The rest of the day unfolded as usual and I had just started to slip into my early evening nap when the beast came back. This time I could hear it stomping around the front yard, each time it stepped on the dried leaves, the quiet air was filled with the loud sound of the leaves crunching underneath its enormous paws. I estimate it must weigh over 500 pounds. 

The rest of the week unfolded in a similar manner. I felt constantly on edge and patrolled the door several times each day. I was finally starting to settle into a routine with the beast when something truly unthinkable happened. The large, bald one was returning from disposing of my used litter when I heard the unmistakable trudging of the beast heading right towards Michele’s familiar footsteps. I heard the beast lunge at her and I prayed for the best but prepared for the worst. I heard voices followed by some more tussling in the leaves. After what seemed like forever, the large, bald one returned. She brushed right past me and smelled of the beast. I took to my hiding place behind the refrigerator. 

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