The Best West Rim Grand Canyon Tours and how to book them now

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Purrfection awaits at the West Rim of the Grand Canyon, a hidden gem tucked away in the vast American West. As a curious cat, I am constantly seeking novelty and adventure that is off the beaten path. This is one reason why I love visiting the West Rim of the Grand Canyon. I was also particularly impressed by the many options provided by West Rim Grand Canyon Tours. From helicopters to river rafts, this unique area has enough adventures to keep any curious cat on their paws all day long.

Why visit the West Rim of the Grand Canyon?

Unlike the South and North rims, this land is owned and operated by the Hualapai Tribe. This is a unique opportunity to experience the canyon’s splendid nature while supporting the original stewards of the land. Additionally, the West Rim is easily accessible from Las Vegas (approximately a 2-hour drive), providing a lovely contrast to the manmade wonders of the city.

West Rim Grand Canyon Tours
The Grand Canyon West

Aside from ease of location and desire to support the Hualapai tribe, I am personally a fan of the Grand Canyon West experience because it makes exploring the Grand Canyon a true adventure. 

In approaching the Grand Canyon from the West Rim, you are officially outside of the National Park System. This means fewer restrictions on land use (bring in the helicopters!) and a greater opportunity to learn about the history and culture of the native population.

So what should you do during your visit to the Grand Canyon West? Glad you asked!

The Skywalk – a uniquely terrifying experience

The Grand Canyon West is home to the highest skywalk in North America. The Skywalk is a horseshoe-shaped glass bridge expanding 70ft over the Grand Canyon’s rim. At 4,000 feet up, the Skywalk is a great way to see the canyon and its surrounding areas.

It is not for the faint of heart, however, as its glass bottom allows you to see all the way to the bottom of the canyon. Are you brave enough to walk its entire length? And, most importantly, will you look down? The Skywalk is open to the public year-round. You can grab your tickets here.

River Rafting Trips

For those looking for a more peaceful experience, there are rafting trips down the Colorado River to suit your needs. These rafting trips take you to some of the most iconic areas of the canyon in Peach Springs. Throughout the trip, you will also experience the history and traditions of the Indigenous Hualapai people.

Guano Point at Grand Canyon West
Guano Point

The 1-day trip starts at $360 and the 2-day, overnighter starts at $799. Consequently, this is a unique opportunity to spend the night in this very special place without having to carry your gear up and down the canyon. View tour availability and book your tickets here.

Experience views above and below the rim: Helicopter + Pontoon Tour

Easily the greatest bang for your buck, this tour costing a mere $259 dollars will take you on a 15-minute helicopter ride to see the Grand Canyon from a bird’s eye view and then safely deliver you to the canyon’s floor where you’ll experience a pontoon boat ride in the Colorado River. Don’t worry, when you are done the helicopter will take you back to the top!

It’s worth noting this is the only option for flying above the Grand Canyon as the air space is restricted from all of the other Rims. Want to experience the bottom and top of the Grand Canyon in one fail swoop? Book this tour now while space is still available.

Become one with the wind by ziplining

Eagle Point at Grand Canyon West
View from Eagle Point

One of the greatest things about the Grand Canyon West is the variety of activities. The Grand Canyon West Zipline is a prime example. If you want an exhilarating experience, coupled with amazing views and a short timeline, this is the tour for you.

With prices starting at $49, this is a great activity for any quick trip to the area.

Visit Guano Point and Eagle Point – the staple of West Rim Grand Canyon Tours

Included in the main price of admission, which is $49, the park shuttle will take you to both of these magnificent locations. Taking the time to see each of these is well worth the effort. You will find amazing views, complete with photo opportunities that rival the North and South Rims.

Both lookout points are equipped with restaurants and are a great place to grab lunch or dinner. At Eagle Point, you can find the Skyview Restaurant for a sit-down meal with a breathtaking view and the Skyview Cafe for a less formal dining experience. And at Guano Point you can find Guano Point Cafe, offering delicious BBQ in an outdoor setting.

Grand Canyon West - The old mine at Guano Point
The old mine at Guano Point

Shopping is also available at both of these locations, with Guano Point offering an outdoor market and a more traditional gift shop located at Eagle Point.

These are both great opportunities to find a keepsake to commemorate your experience or a gift for your loved ones at home. Since the site is owned and operated by the Hualapai tribe, you can also be confident that your money will flow back to stewards of the land.

The ultimate experience – staying at the Grand Canyon West

Looking to try it all? Make it a weekend getaway by staying in the picturesque cabins at the Grand Canyon West. Get away from the city and enjoy a good night’s sleep just walking distance from a multitude of outdoor adventures on this very special land. In just 2 days you can experience everything this area has to offer, not to mention an absolutely stunning sunrise and sunset and a night sky full of stars.

This adventure-packed outdoor wonderland is a great place for a weekend get-together for friends or family. Or, if you are like me, it also serves as a stimulating destination for solo travelers. Book your stay now.

Time to build your itinerary

With so many West Rim Grand Canyon Tours to choose from, the main booking website makes it easy to build your own personalized itinerary. Want to pop over from Vegas for half a day? Tour Guano and Eagle Points and take a ride on the zipline. Want to get into the canyon? Take the helicopter + pontoon tour. Want the whole shebang? Book a cabin on this sacred land for the ultimate trip. Whatever you are looking for, you can find it at the West Rim of the Grand Canyon.

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