The invaders, part 2

Well, the invading bald ones have finally left the premises. The time spent with them has been a roller coaster of emotions. 

On the first evening, I took plenty of time to observe. Both of the invaders were roughly the same size as my large, bald one and they moved in a similar manner. The smells from their bags and shoes had already brought me great pleasure, but I still felt a deep-seated fear brewing in my gut and chose not to approach them. Luckily they knew enough not to approach me. 

New large, bald cats

As the first night progressed I drifted in and out of naps while watching the invaders out of one eye. But almost as quickly as they had disrupted daily life, they seemed to melt into our evening routine. At one point I forgot that I was supposed to be defending our territory and accidentally starting rubbing against of one their legs. I caught Michele’s gaze out of the corner of my eye and quickly retreated to my place of observation. 

Early the next morning, while everyone slept, I crept into the spare room where one of the invaders slept. While the spare room has always been my sole domain, I somehow did not mind the intruder. In fact, upon entering, I was suddenly overwhelmed with the strong and persistent desire for morning cuddles.

I silently hopped onto the bed and was greeted with gentle pets and cooing from the strange, bald one. I settled in next to her and tried to keep my purrs as quiet as possible. Just as my cuddle attack was beginning to quell, I heard an ever subtle movement from Michele’s room. 

I ceased all purrs and scooted away from the stranger. I did not want to be caught in such an intense cuddle session after having only known this bald one for less than a day. 

I crept off the bed and into Michele’s room. Immediately, I bounded onto her bed and crashed into her side as though she was my one and only bald one. 

The rest of the week progressed in a similar manner as I snuck attention from the newcomers while reaffirming my relationship with Michele every chance that I got. In the end, I was actually sad to see them go. I could tell that Michele liked having them around too. Though, I know deep in my heart that I remain her number one.

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