The invaders

For the last 3 weeks, we’ve been living in our largest house yet. During this time, I tried my best to protect our territory, but it was inevitable that we would eventually be invaded. 

The whole debacle started earlier this week. The large, bald one uncharacteristically left for several hours in the middle of the day. When she returned she was accompanied by not one, but two additional large, bald cats! 

Rialto Beach – Port Angeles, WA

At first, I panicked. Clearly, we were under attack. As such, I immediately took to my hiding place, underneath the bed. As I sat motionless, just out of arm’s length, I listened carefully for signs of distress from my large, bald one. The invaders were speaking the same language as Michele, but I could not quite discern the overall mood of interaction. Just as I concluded the threat was not imminent, all three of them left, almost as quickly as they came.

Upon the departure, I was overtaken with a wave of new smells to investigate. Once I was sure they were gone for good, I slowly crept out of my hiding place to explore. I noticed 2 new bags, both laying on the living room floor. I did an initial sweep in hopes of finding a loose hair tie or a piece of cotton clothing to chew on. I came up empty-handed though; the newcomers were already demonstrating behavior similar to Michele’s. 

I spent the next few hours diligently investigating the two new bags. Once I was satisfied with their overall olfactory characteristics, I began aggressively rubbing my face on both of them. Oh, the satisfaction of a good face rubbing session! By the time I was done, my scent had been successfully integrated with the existing smells on both bags. 

Just as I was starting to drift into my early evening nap, the door opened and all three bald ones returned. The investigation must continue.

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