The laptop’s evil grip

Well, another week has passed in beautiful, southern Arizona. Each day I sit near the window at the back of the house and watch as the sun passes over us. I’ve noticed the days becoming shorter, though, perplexingly, the heat remains the same. 

Meanwhile, near the front of the house, on the other side of the front door, foreign beasts continue to roam dangerously close to our abode. This week I detected 2 regular cats in addition to the oversized, graceless one from last week. The 2 regular cats dart back and forth throughout the night, yet remain mostly absent during the day. This is a strange place and I continue to hold out hope that we will move again soon. 

View from the window

I think the incessant heat may be getting to the large, bald one as well. She spent most of her week unremittingly speaking into her laptop during the day and then listening to the laptop speak back to her at night. She is starting to pay more attention to that device than me and I cannot understand why. It’s almost as if it has some kind of strange hold on her. I try to get in between her and the laptop as often as I can; I must break the spell. 

Just yesterday she left the house for almost an entire day, leaving the laptop behind. I was hopeful that I had finally freed her from its evil grips, but as I type these words she is back to staring into its screen. I must continue my noble efforts.

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