The living room window

Another week of winter has passed and I’ve started to seriously contemplate the futility of everything. Each day we wake up in the bedroom and then move to the living room. Periodically, the large, bald one goes into the kitchen and I follow her. We eat and then when nighttime falls; we go back into the bedroom; we wake up again. What’s the point of all? Why are we even here to begin with?

Michele has barely left the apartment for a full week now. She stares into her laptop box all day and all night. The only bright spot is that her conversation with me has increased. She talks to me several times a day now. I understand every word, but when I communicate back, my messages somehow never translate. What an unfortunate position I find myself in. I have so much wisdom to share, yet the large, bald one will never understand. 

The futility of everything

As I watch the snowfall through the living room window I and sure that I’m on the cusp of a great understanding, but then I feel a catnap coming on. I can not resist, within seconds I am asleep.  

MICHELE’S ADDENDUM: It’s been 1 month since we arrived in Winona, MN and it already feels like 3 years. During the week the weather remains consistently cold, with minimal snow, but then during the weekends the sky opens up and unleashes so much snow and ice that driving becomes impossible. It’s almost as if the weather is taunting us. 

I sit next to Cal and stare out of the window. I wonder when it will finally be over.

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