The longest night

It’s late Sunday evening and the camper is swaying back and forth. The window panes are shaking and Michele looks like she can’t decide whether to run or hide. I know that feeling.

Happy Trails Campground

I beg to be let into my favorite cabinet but she will not open it for me. The inside air is thick with anxiety and I can smell the outside air as it sneaks through unknown crevices in the camper and swirls around inside. It’s going to be a long night. 

I frantically research what to do in a windstorm; this is a situation that I never thought I would need to prepare for. Unfortunately, I can not find much online. I look at Cal and I can tell that he has the feeling as me. We exchange a knowing glance and then hunker down for the night.

MICHELE’S ADDENDUM – Well, I’m officially freaking out. The wind outside is gusting up to 50 miles an hour. The windows are rattling so loud that I am sure they are going to implode and as I watch them tremble, I can see the reflection of the inside of the camper shake uncontrollably. Our house feels like it’s going to blow over. I run a Google search and see that campers are generally safe in wind up to 57 miles per hour. I am definitely scared. 

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