The moving parking lot

This week definitely takes the cake for Strangest Accommodations, so far. If I’m being honest, I did not even know such a place even existed. Believe it or not dear reader, I spent the last week on a Moving Parking Lot. 

Upon arrival to the Moving Parking Lot, the large, bald one provided me with extra food, water, and my favorite blanket. She then quickly gathered several of her items and left me alone to explore. During this time frame, I stayed in the car but had the unique opportunity to crawl around next to the driver’s seat, an area that is strictly off-limits while Michele is present. And, as everyone knows, places that are off-limits are the best kind of places! 

View from the ferry to Alaska

When the parking lot first started to move I was definitely startled. I thought that by now nothing would surprise me, but this development truly shook my grip on reality. However, as with all surprises, I quickly adjusted my worldview and accepted the fact that I now live on a planet where parking lots can move. 

As my new accommodation slowly headed west, the air started to cool and my curiosity grew. I enjoyed staring out of each window as they each presented a slightly different view of heavy machinery and a few other cars. At one point I was sure that I heard a dog barking in the distance but I was never able to visually identify the source of the sound. 

While Michele did not live with me during this strange time, she visited often and kept my litterbox the cleanest I have ever seen it. As a matter of fact, I made a concerted effort to use it even more as the high degree of cleanliness was starting to make me uncomfortable. 

It was hard to tell the passage of time on the Moving Parking Lot, as the light seemed to always stay the same, but after approximately one week, the parking lot came to a sudden halt. This is when Michele rejoined me with all of her stuff, started the car, and continued our drive as though nothing has happened. 

As I watch the sky from my new favorite perch by the back window, I start to wonder if it was all a dream.

MICHELE’S ADDENDUM: This week we took the ferry to Alaska! True to form, Cal adapted to boat life without skipping a beat. I really wonder what that cat thinks sometimes.

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