The Night of Explosions

Another week has passed, and it was a wild ride. Things started off as normal, but then on Wednesday, the large, bald one began to act strangely. She spent the whole day in silence and barely moved at all. 

Thursday was mostly a repeat of Wednesday, but then at night, the loud noises started. At first, the explosions came every 30 minutes or so, but as the night proceeded they increased in frequency. I estimated they reached their peak around midnight, with some of them literally shaking our tiny house. During this whole time, Michele remained silent. In fact, she slept through the final stages, while I hid underneath the kitchen sink. 

Winona, MN

Already traumatized, you can imagine my complete and utter dismay when the next morning, she started packing our stuff. I could feel in my bones that we would be moving on soon, but I expected some time to recover from the Night of Explosions. I was very hesitant to get into my cat carrier, but eventually, Michele coaxed me in. 

She proceeded to drive for 3 days and 2 nights until we were fully settled again. Our new home is much larger than our previous homes and has plenty of windows and places to nap. My favorite hiding place is under the bed, where I can see out of the large windows while feeling completely safe. It’s a little early to tell, but I think that I am going to like this place. 


We are finally settled in our new apartment in Winona, MN. Last week was a little crazy. Given the current circumstance, it was clear that New Year’s Eve parties were not happening this year. Instead of spending another night drinking wine on a Zoom call, I made the decision to end 2020 with 2 days of silent meditation. It was a big year and, if I’m being honest, 2 days was not enough time to process it all. 

On New Year’s day, I ended meditation and began the drive to Southern Minnesota. It took 2 and half days to complete the whole trip and the last few hours were stunningly beautiful. Snow-covered trees decorated seemingly endless fields of undisturbed snow. The roads were completely clear and the sky was mostly sunny. 

For this leg of the trip, we are treating ourselves to a luxury apartment in downtown Winona, MN. The space has floor-to-ceiling windows, plenty of sunlight, and a kitchen with a dishwasher (a luxury I previously took for granted!). 

It’s been a busy holiday season and a long drive to get here. Next week the exploration begins! 

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