The secret lives of the large, bald ones

This week I am happy to report that the large, bald one spent another weekend outside of our room of heaven in beautiful Anchorage, Alaska. Up until we arrived here, she spent so much time inside that I was starting to get worried. I am happy that she is out and about, undoubtedly engaging in the secretive world of the large, bald ones. 

Glacier Bay Lodge

During my solo time, I like to imagine the large, bald pets of other cats gathering in our absence. It must be total and utter chaos. For starters, how would they set boundaries with one another? In their unsupervised state, I imagine them doing such incomprehensible things as sitting very close to each other and sharing food (the horror!). 

Now, I have invested a large amount of time teaching Michele almost everything she knows about boundaries, but even under my strict tutelage, she is still only a beginner. Multiple times she has returned home smelling of other large, bald ones. One time she even came home smelling like a regular cat! You can imagine my dismay. I could tell she knew she had messed up, given the sheepish look on her face. 

These are the thoughts that one struggles with, as an owner of a large, bald cat. On one hand, you want them to be independent and happy but on the other, it’s hard to watch them fail. 

Well, they always say that if you truly love someone you must let them go. My security in supporting Michele’s independent travel is my greatest expression of love. 

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