Time marches forward

Now that we are more settled in, I can finally start to appreciate our newest accommodations. It’s been one week since our arrival at the Extended Stay America. The large, bald one has been complaining more than usual, but I am taking it all in stride. In fact, I kind of like it here. 

For starters, there are two whole beds, both situated in the middle of the living room. Michele’s work area is mere inches from the foot of the first bed, meaning that I can stare at her lovingly all day long. It’s also easy for me to make a cameo in the background of her video conferences, which I make sure to do a few times per day. The second bed is located conveniently near a medium-sized window from which I can see plenty of birds and the occasional large, bald cat. 

Alaska scenery

This week life fell back into a predictable routine. The only anomaly was when Michele left for most of the day during the middle of the week. This was highly unusual activity and I still have not figured out where she went. 

MICHELE’S ADDENDUM: Well, it finally happened. My fortieth birthday. I tried to will it away, but it came charging through time and space to find me hiding away in Anchorage, Alaska. It just goes to prove that it doesn’t matter which direction you travel, time only marches forward.

On Wednesday morning I awoke to a barrage of texts wishing me an amazing day. After a few meetings for work, I took the afternoon off and treated myself to a small shopping spree at the 5th Avenue Mall. Afterward, I attended my first, ever energy healing session. I wasn’t sure if my energy field needed healing or not, but I figured that after 40 whole years on the planet, it was as good of a time as any to check in. 

When arrived, my practitioner was all business. I quickly laid down on what appeared to be a modified massage table and was treated to some calming music and nice smelling essential oils. The entire session lasted approximately one hour and mostly consisted of the practitioner placing her hands on different areas of my body. I have to admit that at first, it felt like an awkward situation. But I did my best to relax and accept whatever happened. 

Afterward, I felt calm and happy. I was told that I had a lot of energy and that it resembled water. I silently beamed with pride. Later that night I enjoyed some much-needed downtime and could not help wonder if my energy had really shifted. 

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