Uncharted territory

Almost 2 full weeks have passed in the tiny house in Austin, TX and I am really starting to settle in. This week I discovered a new feature, by which I am absolutely delighted. 

Counter-time for Cal

Let me start from the beginning. Ever since the large, bald one adopted me into her home I have always pretended that I can not jump onto the counters. Don’t get me wrong, I always find a way to enjoy counter-time, but I normally wait until she is asleep or gone for an extended period of time.

Since we’ve been on the road, however, a lot of rules have been broken. Upon settling into the tiny house I decided to test my boundaries. For the first time in our entire relationship, I jumped onto the counter, in broad daylight, right in front of her. She looked confused at first but ultimately did not shoo me off. 

It was early in the morning and I paced the length of the entire kitchen counter. I was just starting to smell some of my favorite spots when the sound of rushing water suddenly filled the air. I froze. I turned slowly and saw the large, bald one standing in front of the sink. She was directing the flow of water into a large container as I watched, fascinated at how she could control the water. Almost as soon as it started the water stopped and Michele moved to another part of the kitchen. I quickly crawled into the sink, which was covered with magical beads of freshwater. As I carefully licked each bead of water off of the side of the sink, I thought to myself that one day I must learn how to control the water too. 

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