You can never have too many beds

This week in the Room of Beds, the large, bald one and I enjoyed our regular routines for nearly 5 days in a row. Each morning Michele begrudgingly arose from one of the two beds, pushed open the curtains, and started her day. I spend most of my days on bed #1, where I creepily hover in the background of video calls while staring right into the web camera. Once I get bored, I move to bed #2 where I watch the most fascinating activities through our 3rd story window. I am starting to arrive at the conclusion that a room can never really have too many beds.

Matanuska Glacier in Alaska

When the weekend finally rolled around, I braced myself for the extra attention that I knew I would surely receive, however, to my complete and utter surprise, Michele suddenly up and left. She had a very small bag in tow, so I estimated that she would be gone for one or two nights at the most. 

I breathed a silent sigh of relief as the door shut behind her. She can just be too much sometimes.  

Before I knew it, Sunday evening was upon me and I had really started to miss her. Just as I started to lose hope, I heard the unmistakable click of the door lock opening. I tried to contain myself, but instead, I let out a series of meows so emphatic, that the large, bald one dropped her bags to greet me. 

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