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Lessons and adventures from a slow traveling, WFH nomading, solo-living woman… and her ever endearing cat.

Slow Traveling - Badlands National Park

Solo travel, trip guides, slow traveling for remote workers

In an effort to escape the monotony of pandemic life, a hopeful woman and her noble cat began slow traveling the country in the Fall of 2020. Michele, the hopeful woman, works fulltime from her laptop and is in charge of paying the bills. Cal, the noble cat, handles invading pests and provides moral support via cuddles. Both parties play an important role, and clearly one could not exist without the other. We’re not saying they are codependent… but we’re also not saying they aren’t.

This site features articles on life as a single, nomadic woman, trip guides from the duo’s extensive travels, and tips for slow traveling while working remote. From hidden glaciers to herds of wild bison, redefining relationships, and questioning the meaning of work – the journey of discovery is neverending. As the hopeful woman and noble cat forge ahead, lessons and adventures are sure to follow.

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